Information Technology – Service Management Systems

ABIS (E) Accreditation for ISO/IEC 20000 Information Technology Service Management Systems

The ISO / IEC 20000 promotes the adoption of an integrated approach to delivering well-managed services to satisfy companies and customer needs. For an organization to be effective, it needs to determine and manage a number of linked activities. Coordinated integration and implementation of service management processes provide sustainable management, efficiency and opportunities for continuous improvement.


You can download the application in downloads page to understand specific requirements. You need to fill the application along with necessary codes and requirements.

  • MSCB – 01 for Management System Certification
  • MSTR – 01 for Training Organization Approval
  • MSTR-02 for Training Course Approval for Inspection Body


We request you to review the requirement of (MSCB – 03) before completing the application from Downloads Page

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 Accreditation Process

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