Accreditation Benefits

Many regulatory agencies and government agencies certify their accreditation services by:
“Authorization is critical to the efficiency of a flexible and quality-focused market.”

The specific benefits of obtaining accreditation from the ABIS can be summarized as follows:

  • Proof of your expertise
  • Proof of your independence
  • Verification of your conduct and professionalism
  • Complete the global visibility of your organization
  • Maintain your overall performance with standard third party non-discriminatory monitoring.

 Accreditated Standards

The accreditation body allows test organizations to comply with a non-discriminatory assessment and guidance system.

Accreditation is carried out within the particular areas associated with

  • Certification.
  • Testing.
  • Inspection.
  • Personal Training.

 Standard Description

ABIS is an independent organization involved in providing accreditation and accreditation services to certification organizations and training organizations. ABIS aims to work closely with our common accreditation bodies that provide for the planning, implementation and validation of ISO standards. This leads to better acceptance of international standards. Adherence to international quality standards also helps to promote better trade relations between business communities around the world for mutual benefit.

Standard Description
ISO/IEC 17020- A standard method for the operation of various types of examining bodies
ISO/IEC 17021- Conformity assessment - Requirements of bodies providing audit and validation of management systems
ISO/IEC 17024- General requirements for operating certification bodies of individuals
ISO/IEC 17025- General requirements for the ability of testing and measurement laboratories