About ABIS

Accreditation Board For International Standards (ABIS) is a multidisciplinary accreditation organization that provides a standardized service that complies with certification and certified requirements. We adhere to strict guidelines for our programs and align with the relevant conditions and regulations that are in line with international standards in the accreditation process.

 Our Mission

Provide advanced authorization services that exceed international standards. We also look forward to working closely with like-minded authorities. Adhering to a clear global standard can open the way for the integration of trade and commerce between nations around the world.

 About Us

ABIS is an independent organization involved in providing accreditation and accreditation services to certification organizations and training organizations. ABIS aims to work closely with our common accreditation bodies that provide for the planning, implementation and validation of ISO standards. This leads to better acceptance of international standards. Adherence to international quality standards also helps to promote better trade relations between business communities around the world for mutual benefit.

 Quality Policy


  1. It is committed to being a value-added, efficient, and cost-effective service provider for the accreditation of national compliance testing services and international systems with the highest ethics and timeliness.
  2. It will improve the credibility of accreditation by maintaining public consultation agreements that promote international acceptance and compliance testing.
  3. It will provide its customers with the most authoritative and effective testing services while helping its customers and other interested parties to focus on achieving and providing value.
  4. It will provide its employees with a satisfactory work environment that promotes collaboration and high efficiency.

 Quality Objectives

The ABIS Accreditation Bureau complies with its quality policy completed by:

  • It continues to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Establishing customer service metrics to improve performance.
  • Supporting complete, independent, impartial, and transparent processes.
  • To prepare and develop new programs and services that help our customers respond to market demands.
  • Creating some effective and timely communication with customers and other interested parties.
  • Appropriate co-operation arrangements are signed.
  • Collaborate and provide appropriate leadership at national, international and industrial forums.
  • Provide effective strategic, operational, and financial management strategies to establish the organisation's life.
The Governing Board ABIS


Preamble The ABIS's Articles of Association requirement for Directors to establish an advisory committee: "its purpose will be to ensure that Directors are aware of the views of persons involved in policy matters affecting ABIS activities, including interpretation and application of the country, Standards, regulations, procedures, codes, policies, procedures. performance and appropriate agreements with accreditation bodies and compliance testing agencies. "

The ABIS (E) management at the conference agreed that committee members should be elected by the parties who wish to perform ABIS activities directly. They also said that committee members should express the views of the party they nominated and that finding a consensus should not be at the expense of registering seats for the nominated parties. Terms of use

A policy advisory committee is needed:

  • Advise the Company's directors on all policy matters pertaining to the implementation and performance of ABIS activities
  • Discuss with ABIS the interests of ABIS participants. If deemed desirable by the Committee, such reporting shall be made by the visit of the Chairperson of the Committee to a meeting of the ABIS Board
  • Raising issues for the management of ABIS management
  • Respond to the needs of the ABIS administration for advice on matters of concern, including identification, analysis and documentation of the relationship between ABIS and any related organization in accordance with ISO / IEC 17011

Constitution Constitution The policy advisory committee will be made up of elected associations that have an interest in the functioning of ABIS: The ABIS directors will be the joint partners of the Committee. ABIS management will have the opportunity to approve the constitution and individual membership of the Committee. The agency's major agencies will be asked to verify their disclosure every two years.

At the invitation of the Chairperson of the Policy Advisory Committee, more ABIS staff may appear at the Policy Advisory Committee meetings. In such cases, the party to the ABIS stakeholder must be clearly stated in minutes.